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Tarang Shilpa

Arthanareeswar Wooden Handpainted Mask

Arthanareeswar Wooden Handpainted Mask

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Sculpture is for those who are looking for the sense of the extraordinary .                                        Experience a greater sense of harmony and fulfilment with our finely crafted ‘Ardhanareeswara’ mask chiselled out of vaagai wood which symbolises the balance between the forces that drives our universe . Ardhanareeswara is one of the 64 manifestations of Lord Shiva. It signifies the totality that lies beyond duality and unifies all the dichotomies ( sun & moon; Day & night; Fire & Water ) and that one cannot exist without the other. This traditionally fabricated masterpiece will adorn your space with sheer elegance and bring home the true rythm of life .  For more signature collection visit

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