Marble Paintings

Looking For A Best Home Decor Product With An Affordable Cost? The Choice Is Marble Paintings. Marble Painting Adds A Unique Touch To Your Home Or Office, An Original Artifact Carefully Picked And Polished Marble Tiles. These Paintings Are Usually Miniature Paintings Which Are Perfect Decorative Treasures Which Makes Them Perfect Showpieces.

Marble Is A Natural Stone With Immense Beauty And Is Available In A Variety Of Colors, Some Of Which Are Mainly Used To Impart A Natural And Rugged Look To The Artifacts. As The Name Suggests, Marble Is The Main Base On Which The Paintings Made.


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History Of Marble Paintings

Marble Art Originated In Rajasthan During The 16th Century. The Royal Family Of Rajasthan Rajput Kings Were Patrons Of Any Art Forms. As There Were Many Marble Mines Situated In And Around Rajasthan The Artists Used The Product Which Was Available In Abundant As A Medium For Painting. Art Of Painting On Marble Tiles Also Flourished During The Mughal Period In India.

Like Any Other Art Forms, These Paintings Also Depict The Culture And Lifestyle Of The Period. Although Marble Had Many Varied Hue Like White, Pink, Gray And Black, Usually Milky White Marble Was The Preferred Choice Of The Artisans.

Marble Of Rajasthan As A Stone Is Immensely Beautiful Today Is Used In Some Artifacts To Give Them A Natural And Rugged Look Used As A Platform For Art.

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