Lord Balaji Tanjore Paintings

Antique Lord Balaji Tanjore Paintings

Lord Balaji “Remover of Sins” is considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, The Famous tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh is one of the abode of balaji as the main deity. Balaji is one of the widely worshipped deities in vaishnavism. It’s believed that having a lord Balaji Tanjore paintings which is made of gold in home/office brings wealth.

Incarnation of Lord Balaji

It is said that lord Vishnu incarnated in this form of balaji to guide his devotees in this kali age. Apart from this there is a story in puranic scripts quoting to this incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The puranic story is that there was a doubt between the sages on who is the supreme god within the trimurthi’s and sage brigu went on to find out the same and that led to the incarnation of Lord balaji.

When the sage visited sathyaloga the abode of lord brahma he was reciting Vishnu nama with his four heads and he didn’t notice the sage thus the sage cursed brahma and went to kailasa the abode of Lord Shiva where he was meditating and he also didn’t notice the sage so brigu cursed Shiva and went to vaikundam where he found Lord Vishnu resting on adhisesha with his consort Lakshmi at his feet seeing this infuriated bhrigu kicked Vishnu on his chest. Lord Vishnu quietly responded to pacify the sage by pressing his feet during that he squeezed the extra third eye on his foot which was the reason for the sage’s ego.

Lakshmi Balaji

As Vishnu’s chest was the place of Lakshmi the goddess got angry and left him, after this lord Vishnu lost his fortune and came to earth as Srinivasa and meditated to get Lakshmi back goddess Lakshmi who was born as a daughter of a King Akasha Raja in the name of padmavathi (Possessor of Lotus). It is said in puranic scripts that Vishnu borrowed money from the god of fortune kubera in order to perform his marriage with Lakshmi, and stayed in tirupati till he repays the loan amount.

Names & iconography

Lord Balaji is also known by other names such as Venkatachalapathy, Venkateshwara, and Govindha etc… Venkateshwara Means “Lord of Venkata” venkata is the name of the hill and iswara means “Lord”

Lord Balaji is depicted in a standing posture adorned with various jewels and weapons blessing his devotees. Venkatachalapathi is often depicted in arts along with his consort padmavathi or Lakshmi on a lotus near his feet. In some paintings and art forms he is depicted along with both the consorts Padmavathi and Alamelu.

Reasons for having a Balaji tanjore painting

Lord Balaji is considered as the “Remover of Sins” It is believed worshipping lord balaji brings wealth and happiness in his/her life.

Latest Tarangartscom Embossed Lord Balaji Tanjore Painting
Latest Tarangartscom Embossed Lord Balaji Tanjore Painting

Bring home the divinity and blessings of Lord Balaji with these Unique specially handcrafted Balaji Tanjore Paintings, We always give the best to the deity we worship so it will be the best choice to have the precious tanjore art made with 22ct gold foils in the altar. This century old art form not only for worship Thanjavur paintings also gives a royal look to when used as decoration addition. An authentic Tanjore painting lasts for more years with the same shine which makes them special and a great adornment.

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