Collection: Whitewood Cravings

Origin: The tradition of carving woods dates back to the pre-Mauryan era. Wood carvings were once a luxury which pertained only to decorate temple shrines and palaces. But in recent days, they have evolved to be a part of utilities, furniture, and decors.

Technique: As beautiful as these white wood carvings are, it takes extreme patience and expertise of the artisans to bring them to life. Usually, soft whitewood or teak wood is used for the carving. After the choice of wood is made, the piece of wood is smoothened using scratching paper. The basic sketch is done over the smoothened piece of wood. The process of sculpting is elaborate and requires immense effort. Once the desired shape is obtained from the sculpting, engravings are done with an eagle’s eye for the minute details. This process can take last from hours to days depending on the size and nature of the carvings demanded. 

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