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Kerala Mural Hand-painted Wall Hanging Plates

Crafted with care, these exquisite wooden plates showcase the vibrant artistry of Kerala's mural tradition. Each plate is a masterpiece, hand-painted by skilled artists, capturing intricate details and vivid colors.

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Vahanas of Hindu Gods - Wall Hanging Plates

Introduce the timeless allure of South Indian temple designs into your living space with our Hand-painted Wall Hanging Plates.Elevate your surroundings with the divine beauty and intricate craftsmanship of these wall hangings, celebrating the grandeur of South Indian temples.

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Crafted by Artisans of Thammampatti

Explore the charm of Thammampatti through our exquisite wooden sculptures. Handcrafted with precision, these artworks capture the essence and cultural heritage of this quaint South Indian town.

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Kerala Mural Paintings on Bamboo

Hand-Painted Wooden Cow Head

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Hand-painted Mirrors

Painting has long been a historical aspect spanning through multiple culture and artifacts.Let's discover the beautiful culture of India through these exquisite hand-painted mirrors! From the pichwai painting of Rajasthan to the Patachitra and Saura of Odisha and the Gond painting of Madhya Pradesh, each mirror incorporates centuries-old techniques and detail that capture India's rich heritage.  Bring home a piece of history and adorn your walls with these beautiful mirrors.

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